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Child Psychology Resources and Media

Psychology Resources for Children & Families in Cary & Raleigh NC

child therapy raleigh nc The following are additional resources and media for children, adolescent and family issues. Please note these links and articles are only meant to provide general information about a topic. They should not necessarily be used as psychological counsel or advice, as each person's specific situation requires a more custom solution.

If you have any questions or would like more information on a particular topic, feel free to send an email to

Social Skills Groups and Resources for Kids and Teens

Social Skills Groups & Summer Day Camps for Children in Cary & Raleigh NC

social skills group children Competent social skills (cooperation, sharing, listening, being respectful, etc) are critical to successfully interacting with others. Children who lack these skills can experience behavioral & emotional difficulties, trouble making friends, peer rejection, bullying, poor self-esteem, depression, concentration difficulties, academic failures, aggressiveness, and delinquency. Kids with learning disabilities, sensory integration difficulties with learning disabilities, sensory integration difficulties, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, neurological disorders, and emotional disabilities often need extra help. Luckily, social skills can be taught by trained professionals. And in a safe environment, these newly learned skills can be practiced and mastered.

Wynns Family Psychology offers targeted and effective Social Skills Groups for kids in every age group, from pre-schoolers to teenagers. Throughout the year, we offer Preschool / Kindergarten Social Skills Groups, Elementary School Children Social Skills Groups, Middle School Social Skills Groups, Girls Middle School Social Skills Groups, Teen / Adolescent Social Skills Groups, Teen DBT Groups, and Parenting Help Training Groups. During the summer, we also offer a unique, week-long Social Skills Day Camps.

social skills group cary nc

No Wimpy Parenting Services

Parenting Resource for Families in NC

no wimpy parent training nc If you're sick of your kids running your house and feeling like you have no power, No Wimpy Parenting is for you! No Wimpy Parenting is a resource for ALL parent issues — whether you've got a 3-year-old child who refuses to go to sleep at night or a teenager who tells you when they'll be home at night. Through parenting coach consultations, parent training and counseling, parenting workshops, articles answering parenting questions, parenting advice and parents tips, parenting videos, and other parent support resources, we offer real-world parenting help. Learn more about the No Wimpy Parenting Revolution!

no wimpy parenting help nc

Parenting Workshops & Presentations for Adults

Parenting Workshops & Presentations in Cary & Raleigh NC

parent training groups cary raleigh Looking for workshops on parenting, child boundaries, teen screen time, bullying, motivation, coparenting, or holistic help for your child? Interested in staff workshops or retreats on stress, team building, leadership, staff development, marriage, or a custom corporate topic? Look no furhter than our Parenting Workshops & Presentations for Adults.

My Carolina Today TV Interviews

My Carolina Today Psychologist

my carolina today psychologist Child, teen, and family psychologist expert Dr. Kristen Wynns talks with My Carolina Today about a variety of modern-day childhood and parenting issues. Among the topics discussed are Parents Taking Control Back from Their Children, Parenting Power Suckers, Kids Dealing with Bullies, Teaching Children About Gratitude, and much more.

Workshop for Engaged
& Early Marriage Couples

June 3rd, 2017
marriage counselor cary nc Trust. Communication. Intimacy. Connection. These are goals that we all strive for in our marriages. Yet for engaged and early married couples (less than 5 years), it can be a surprise how challenging it is to achieve these goals. Marriage has been called many things—responsibility, duty, hard work. We believe it is that and so much more. It is an art form. Our workshop, consisting of brief lectures, coaching, and interactive exercises, will provide you with an intentional and strong strong foundation upon which to build your marriage. Couples will be enncouraged to participate, but there will be no pressure to share private information with the group. Through skill-based practice, a thorough inventory of your relationship’s strengths, and engaging discussions on effective strategies, you and your partner will cultivate a vision for your relationship that will define your marriage for years to come. Join us for our Workshop for Engaged & Early Marriage Couples.

Marriage Enhancement
& Couples Workshop

Date TBD
marriage counselor cary nc It’s never too early or too late to strengthen your marriage and relationships! Whether you want the tools to build a solid foundation early on or are in need of some long overdue marital repairs, this small, private, and no-pressure group setting can help! Though a series of interactive exercises and brief but informative lectures, Dr. Kristen Wynns, marriage counseling and parenting coach expert, will teach you and your spouse to enhance communication skills, amicably problem solve, implement better relationship habits, protect your marriage from infidelity, bring back that “lovin’ feelin,” and much more! As an added bonus, Dr. Wynns will include a brief section on how to be an effective co-parent. All this, plus you get lunch! (Don’t worry, we’ll feed you something more substantial than peanut butter crackers.) If you’re within driving distance of the Raleigh and Cary NC area, join us for this fun and engaging Marriage Enhancement and Couples Workshop.

Aperger's Syndrome & Autism in Children
Help for Kids with Autism & Asperger's
Autistic Spectrum Disorders are a group of developmental / psychological conditions that include abnormal social interactions and communication, restricted interests, and repetitive behavior. If your child seems to have signs of these disorders, then consider formal testing. Learn more about ASD symptoms and what can be done for Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Testing
North Carolina Kindergarten Readiness Testing
kindergarten testing wake co nc The school cutoff date for kindergarten entry in Wake County NC, Durham County NC, Orange County NC, and throughout the rest of North Carolina is August 31. If your chiild is on the cusp of this date, or feel he or she is ready for kindergarten, then consider kindergarten readiness testing. Learn more about NC kindergarten testing, guidelines and criteria here.

kindergarten testing cary nc

ADHD & Learning Disabilities in Children
Help for Children with ADHD & LD, Cary & Raleigh NC
Does your child struggle with poor grades, difficulty learning new material, slow processing speed, forgetting important assignments, or performing "up to his or her potential?" He or she may have a Learning Disability (LD) or attention problem (such as ADHD) interfering with succeeding academically and socially. Learn more about AD/HD and Learning Disorders here.

SAS Work Life Radio Podcast:
Helping Children Through Divorce

How to Help Your Child Through a Divorce
Dr. Kristen Wynns discusses ways to shield your children from the potentially harmful effects of separation and divorce. Listen to the Children & Divorce podcast here.

WRAL TV Broadcast Interview: Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationships
Expert Weighs in On Teacher-Student Sex Case
Dr. Kristen Wynns offers some insight and helpful tips regarding the rising issue of teacher-student sex cases. View the video interview here.

G105 Bob and the Showgram
Psychologist Broadcasts

NC Radio Psychologist Fun
Dr. Wynns has some on-air fun discussing a variety of issues with Bob Dumas, Mike, Kristin and John on G105's Bob and the Showgram radio broadcast. You can listen to the psychology radio segments here.

Stay Happily Married Podcasts
Marriage Tips & Help Podcast
Dr. Kristen Wynns discusses couples and family issues with Lee Rosen through the Stay Happily Married Podcasts.

Helpful Family Articles
Tips for Autism, Anxiety, School, Etc.
Here you can find a variety of helpful articles about child, adolescent and family issues.

Marriage and Parenting 101 Blog
A Psychologist's Blog on Marriage & Parenting
Visit Dr. Wynns' blog for helpful marriage and parenting tips.

Wynns Family Psychology Testimonials & Reviews
Child Psychologist & Therapist Reviews
See what clients have to say about Wynns Family Psychology.

Mom and Pop
Psychology Podcast

Educational and Entertainment Psychology
for Parents and Families

mom and pop psychology

Mom and Pop Psychology is a podcast resource that marries both the educational and entertainment sides of psychology. Hosted by child psychologist expert, Dr. Kristen Wynns, and Kevin Wynns, shows focus on psychology movie reviews, disorder discussions, childhood issues, pop culture, news, and parenting help. Listen to the first Mom and Pop Psychology Podcast here.

The Bully Stories
Helpful Resources on Bullying
Wynns Family Psychology and Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy have partnered to develop an anti-bullying site, Look forward to helpful resources related to bullying and video interviews with those choosing to share their bullying stories.

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